Recommended Books to Improve Your English

Students often ask me for book recommendations, so I’ve made a page that includes my favourites. I’ll keep adding to it as I find more in the future.

IELTS Exam Books

If you’re looking for a good book to study the IELTS exam, the official Cambridge textbook is a good first choice. It includes examples answers and analyses what makes a good answer. It’s also rated highly on Amazon.

You need to know a lot of tough vocabulary to get a high score in IELTS, so this book is a good one for helping with that. Lots of engaging exercises to help you improve. Best for intermediate-and-above students.

General English Books

I included this book specifically because it’s interesting for me, but really any graded readers will be good! I recommend going on Amazon and searching for “English Graded Reader” and finding a topic that looks interesting for you. Make sure the level isn’t too hard!

We spoke with author Olly Richards on Episode 105 of the podcast. His reading series “Short Stories” is really well made. I’ve used them with students in my private classes a few times and they’re always engaging, fun, and useful! 

Grammar Guides

This is one of the most popular grammar textbooks our there, and for good reason. It includes a lot and is fairly easy to understand. Really useful to guide you on some grammar when you get stuck.

This was the first English textbook I bought when I started teaching. I love it because it explains grammar in a really simple and colourful way. Makes it very easy to understand. Not your regular textbook!

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