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[Solved] Could you please tell me the difference between Hadn't and Hasn't

Rohit Nelluri
English Learner

She didn't come to our party. She said she ________ an invitation

1) hadn't received

2) not receiving

3) hasn't received

4) isn't receive

Here, in option 2 is not receiving which is a Present
could you please tell me which is option suits for this question and why?
Thanks you.
Topic starter Posted : 10/11/2020 7:06 am
Michael Lavers
Member Admin

Hi Rohit,

Only 1 and 2 are possible. The other 2 options would always be incorrect.

"She hasn't received an invitation" (past perfect tense). This is the best option because the past perfect talks about the past of the past. (podcast coming out about this soon). So it basically means she didn't get the invitation before not coming to the part.

"She hasn't received an invitation" (present perfect tense). This is possible, but probably not best in this situation. It means, in other words: She didn't get an invitation, but she might receive one in the future.

I hope this helps!

Posted : 10/11/2020 9:51 pm
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