Benefits of learning together

The Benefits of Learning Together

When was the last time you spoke in English?

I mean really speaking to another person. How did it go?

Since 2019, I’ve been studying alone for the most part, and it can get pretty boring.

I kind of came to the realisation that studying alone for a long period of time isn’t much fun and it’s hard to get motivated for that day after day. That’s not to say you can’t study alone, but I feel (at least for me) it’s important to have some connection to others who speak the language to keep me motivated.

I’ve been getting back into language lessons a lot more recently and I love them!  But today I want to talk about the benefits of learning in a group.

You probably know I’ve been teaching some group classes recently. One on Friday afternoons and another on Sunday. I put this off for so long because I was nervous! I didn’t think I would be any good at it, and also I thought it wouldn’t be fun!

I used to think teachers who taught groups were probably just greedy and wanted more money, but the benefits manifested once I started.

These classes have turned out to be among the most enjoyable things I’ve done since I started teaching! It’s so great to see people learning together, having fun and making friends!

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The Benefits of Group Study

Learning in a group is so much fun! I think this is one of the main things. Imagine being at a party with just one other person, compared to a party with a group of people. The group will always be more enjoyable.

“What if I’m shy?” I hear you ask!

Well, I didn’t think about this one before either, but actually, group classes are great if you’re shy because you don’t have to talk. In a 1-to-1 class, you will talk 50%+ of the time. In a group class, you can be a bit quieter if that’s what you prefer and it’s not a problem.

You can also learn about cultures from all around the world as well as get practice listening to different accents. 

Do you know the standard RP English accent? Well, only 3% of the English population actually have that accent! Most people you meet will have accents from all over the country and the world. Group classes are a great way to get exposure to these accents and practice listening to prepare for the real world.

Why Not Try?

If you are interested in giving it a go and leaving your comfort zone to improve your English and have fun, feel free to book a lesson below. I’d love to see you there soon!

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