About This Course

Thanks for joining. Over the next few lessons, we’re going to be learning a lot of new expressions to help you in your English and improve your conversation skills.

I always encourage you to leave comments to talk with me (and I’ll probably be annoying you by asking you to do this in the future!) But really, practising what you learn by writing your own stories or having conversations is the best way to learn. You could even record a video of yourself using them and send it to me! I’ll be more than happy to give you my feedback.

What Are Expressions?

Expressions are phrases (sentences) used in all languages that have their own meaning. They are usually always said the same way and do not change.

“How are you?” is an example of a very basic expression. It’s a set phrase that is always used.

Idioms are a type of expression. They are usually longer sentences and their meanings cannot usually be guessed.

“I’m feeling under the weather” is an example of an idiom. Sentences like this are common in conversation, but can you guess what it means? Actually, it’s not related to the weather! This means “to feel unwell” (we’ll come back to this later).

Introduce Yourself!

You can use this opportunity to introduce yourself in the comments below. If you like, write a bit about why you’re learning English and what you’re hoping to gain from this course.

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