Hello English Learners!

This is the third lesson and we’re going to study some phrases related to loneliness. It’s easy to get lonely during these times, so let’s look at some ways to help.

All Alone

I hate being cooped up at home all day. I feel so isolated from the world. I want to go out and meet my friends but instead, I’m just sitting here like Billy-no-mates.

It’s ironic, I usually love solitude! But when it’s forced upon me it’s the worst thing in the world.

I’m trying to be positive. Sometimes it can be nice to keep to myself and focus on ways to improve my skills.

When life does go back to normal, I will no longer be a recluse, but I’ll get out there and be the most extroverted guy the world has ever seen!


To be cooped up – Stuck somewhere inside with not much room to move (think “chicken coop”)

Isolated – Alone and away from other people / society / civilisation…

Billy-no-mates – Casual term for someone with no friends (British)

Solitude – Being alone in a positive sense (eg. The beauty and calm of solitude)

To keep to oneself – To avoid other people and stay alone (neutral tone)

Recluse – Someone who doesn’t see other people and is always hidden away alone

Extroverted – Someone who gets energy from being around other people (often a confident and outgoing person)

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