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Over the years, I’ve been invited on other podcasts and has collaborations with other online creators. All of them have been amazing and if you’d like to find more great content, check out their pages below.

Bree’s podcast “Into the Story” explores stories to help English learners in a fun and engaging way. I share a personal story from my past.

Clare from the Smart English Coach Podcast and I discover some of the secrets for successful English learning, such as gaining confidence and improving.

Anna invited me on her podcast – Anna with 2Ns. We spoke about Overcoming Shyness and got really personal with our experiences.

Aubrey from IELTS Energy invited me to talk about the IELTS exam and accent. It was a lot of fun! There’s a YouTube  and audio version.

Anna and I spoke on her podcast about lots of fun stuff, including hobbies. There’s a YouTube video version and a longer audio version on her podcast.

Charlie invited me on the British English Podcast and we spoke about our childhood and teenage memories growing up in the UK.

Teacher Zdenek is an experienced English teacher from Czechia and we spoke on the topic of health – one of my favourites!

I was invited on the Digital Nomad Stories podcast to talk about confidence when travelling, as well as language learning tips. 

Teacher Ray invited me to be on his podcast and we had a really nice chat about awkward lesson moments, student mistakes and more. Ray is a great host and I recommend his channel.

Luke (from Luke’s English Podcast) and I were invited to have a joint interview on the 英文小宇宙 podcast (for English learners in Taiwan). Our discussion is in English and we had a great chat!

I was a guest on The Tutor’s Take podcast from Paper True. We spoke about teaching, ESL and more! 

You can also see the video version here.

This was a different one for me. I was a guest on the popular Zero to Travel Podcast hosted by Jason Moore. I’ve been listening to it since 2015, and we spoke about very personal issues surrounding travel and overcoming shyness.

I was so happy to be invited on Martin’s English podcast – Rock ‘n’ Roll English. We nerded out on a topic I love – time management. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it too.

Luke invited me on his podcast – Luke’s English Podcast – where we spoke about social awkwardness and British problems! He quizzed me on how awkward I am and how I compare to the average Brit. A really fun episode!


Rod invited me onto his YouTube show for a chat about travel, teaching, language, and more! A very fun episode. Check out his channel below.

Douglas from English4Reason and I had a really fun talk about the reason behind why we do things. Doug questioned me on my reasons for doing what I do.

Adriana invited me to talk on her podcast at the start of 2021: The English with Adriana Podcast. We spoke about using podcasts for language learning.

Rob – a teacher from England and podcast host – invited me on his podcast and we looked at the present perfect tense.

I spoke with Kerstin Cable on her podcast the “The Fluent Show”. We had a lovely chat about language learning and I highly recommend her podcast.

I talk with Jacob on the EnglishTVLive Podcast looking at 5 advanced English words beginning with “P”. Take a listen for some useful English and fun discussion.

Teacher Ken from @getenglishtips invited me for a chat on his podcast with Tino. This was a super casual and fun talk.

I was invited to be part of Teacher Will’s English series called ‘Insight” where he interviewed me on different topics.

I’ve written a few articles for a Spanish Magazine aimed at English learners. If you are a Spanish speaker, I highly recommend checking this magazine out.

I also did a teacher interview for Teach Nomadic where I spoke a bit about my backstory and why I started teaching.

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