Episode 100 Celebration

100 Episode Special

I’ve been making these weekly episodes for almost 2 years and now we’re celebrating our 100th episode! Thank you so much for all your support and for helping us get this far.

In this episode, I discuss where the listeners are from (top 10 countries), my life journey and my plans for the future, and some expressions related to celebrating.

My Journey

I left school not really knowing what I wanted to do in life. I didn’t like the idea of getting a job and being told what to do, but I followed my passion at the time and became a gardener. I worked in various jobs (about 15) from the age of 16 to 21, from gardening to toy shops! 

I eventually decided to quit because I was feeling a bit depressed and like I had no direction in life. I spontaneously left to travel in Asia to clear my head. This turned out not to be the best decision, as my problems with a lack of direction grew as I was on the other side of the world. 

When I got back to England, I found a place to live and a new job in a department store while I thought about what I wanted to do. I realised I was passionate about language and travel, and teaching English seemed to be the perfect way to combine these passions.

After completing a teaching qualification, I began teaching in my spare time online and sometimes working up to 100 hours a week in 3 different jobs. Eventually, when I built up enough students and quit my job – it was the best feeling ever!

Now I’m still doing what I love and I’m so grateful to my students, the listeners of this podcast and Level Up English members.


  • To grow on someone – To eventually like something over a long time
  • To get back on track – To resume the direction you were going in before
  • Stagnant – Water that doesn’t move and becomes dirty / not moving and growing in life
  • Debilitating – Something that affects you and makes you weak
  • Unrest – Disorder, something that disrupts society
  • Get-together – a gathering, small group of people meeting to socialise
  • To revel – To enjoy something with energy and enthusiasm 
  • To live it up – To enjoy life (and perhaps spend a lot of money)
  • To let loose – Relax, not be so uptight 

“Becoming a master is not about doing 4000 different things, it’s about doing a handful of things 4000 times.”

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2 thoughts on “#100 Episode 100 Celebration!”

  1. Hi Michael,
    I am Tamador from Saudi Arabia. I have been listening to your podcast for about one month . I enjoy it so much and I learn a lot from you. Your journey inspired me and motivate me.
    Thanks for everything ❤️❤️

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