Scottish Culture & Language

Who are the Scottish?

Teacher Ken from @getenglishtips joins me once again to share his knowledge about his homeland of Scotland. We talked about Scottish identity, culture, language, travel, and much more!

Click here to listen to our first episode together – episode 27.


These timestamps are for the YouTube video. For the audio version, add 2 minutes to the times.

1:31 – Introductions

3:28 – Where is Ken from?

5:03 – Is Scotland a country?

8:20 – Are you Scottish, British or English?

10:15 – Is it good for Scotland to be independent? 

11:24 – How many languages are there in Scotland?

16:35 – What’s your first language?

18:37 – Do visitors need to learn any Scottish words or slang?

21:10 – Why did the English language take over?

23:41 – What the Scottish view of the English?

31:00 – What is the Scottish mindset?

35:46 – What food do you eat there?

44:07 – Ken’s Scottish travel tips

Where to Find Ken

Things We Spoke About

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