Life Hacks English Lesson

Life Hacks

A life hack is a way to make life easier using small, simple but effective tips. In this episode, I want to share some of my favourite life hacks that I implement in my life and also share some hacks to improve your English and studies. I’ll do my best to include some good English vocabulary too. 

My Personal Life Hacks

  • Stow your phone in your backpack when walking
  • Put your alarm clock on the other side of the room
  • Turn off all phone notifications
  • Dedicate a shelf or specific place for your phone
  • Make your bed! 
  • Rather than scooping up food waste to put in the bin, put aside a separate bowl for food waste
  • Roll clothes to avoid creases 
  • Map out a meal plan 
  • Pencil in relaxation time for your schedule 
  • Don’t stock unhealthy snacks in your cupboards 

English Study Hacks

  • Have the same habit to study each day – don’t rely on motivation 
  • Noise-cancelling headphones for distractions
  • You’re 50% more likely to remember something if you speak it out loud
  • Complete the hardest tasks first
  • Talk a walk every day


Some of the harder vocabulary I mentioned in this episode.

  • Hack – a strategy or technique for managing one’s time or activities more efficiently.
  • Stow – To pack or store something somewhere
  • Crease – Lines in folded clothes
  • Orderly – Tidy, neat
  • To scoop – To pick up and move something
  • To map out – To make a plan for something
  • Pencil in – To add something to your schedule or calendar
  • To stock – To keep something in the cupboard

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