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The Story Learning Method

Olly Richards joins me for a talk about learning through stories. Olly is a polyglot, author and well-known language learner. Through his podcast (I Will Teach You A Language), he shares advice for language learners and interviews expert guests. His book series “Short Stories” has had a huge impact on the language-learning community.


2:15 – Start

4:20 – Where Olly’s interest in languages begun

5:37 – Can you explain the idea behind your book series?

9:55 – What if you don’t like reading?

11:09 – What kind of learner is Michael?

15:05 – How will reading assist in other skills, such as speaking?

18:46 – What specific reading methods should I use?

24:22 – How much time should we spend studying?

30:33 – How can we stay motivated to study and learn?

37:57 – What are the biggest mistakes learners make?

41:03 – Olly’s embarrassing language learning mistake

44:35 – Where to find Olly online & his books

Where to Find Olly

Things We Spoke About

Comprehensible input – Read stuff at your level (not too hard)

Compelling input – Read stuff you enjoy (just as you would in your native language)

Language island – Pick a topic to focus on in learning (eg. philosophy) and improve that area before moving onto another ‘island’

Reading gives the fuel for your speaking – like the petrol for the car.

Consistency is the most powerful language technique of all.

People who struggle with language learning treat it as a chore. People who have an easy time with language learning make it part of their life.

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