Ireland Ronan Podcast 110

All About Ireland

Ronan from English on the Road joins me today to talk about his home country of Ireland. Ronan is an English coach from Ireland and now living in Canada. He has a wealth of knowledge of Irish culture and history and I really enjoyed talking to him today. I still have a lot to learn in this area, so join me on this learning journey.


3:36 – Who is Ronan?

4:31 – Differences between Ireland and Canada

8:17 – Ireland vs Northern Ireland. Is it part of the UK?

12:40 – Relationship between Ireland and England

15:54 – History facts of Ireland

18:52 – “The Potato Famine” & My Ignorance

27:57 – Does Ireland have a language?

33:13 – Why are you learning Irish?

35:50 – What about the Irish accent?

40:20 – Do you have any cool slang terms to share?

44:20 – Ireland travel advice

48:04 – Where to find Ronan

Where to Find Ronan


Craic – (Irish word) A good time, fun, humour

Rolling hills – Lots of hills that look like waves in the ocean

Mahusive – (Slang) Really big, joining of “massive” and “huge”

Sound – (The relationship is sound) Good, fine, no problems

Famine – A lack of food for a population for a period of time

Staple Food – The main part of someone’s diet, something eaten routinely

Emancipation – Being set free from slavery or restrictions

Grand – (Irish) Average, normal (The weather is grand)

To shift – (Irish) To make out with someone, kiss passionately

To make out – (USA) To kiss passionately

To snog – (British) To kiss passionately

Ireland, England, Wales, Scotland Map
The picture I mentioned in the episode

The Wild Atlantic Way – A path going down the west coast of the country

The Fleadh – Irish Cultural Festival

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