Luke's English Podcast

Luke's English Podcast

Luke Thompson is the host of the popular “Luke’s English Podcast“. He has a decade of experience podcasting and far more as a teacher.

In this episode, we cover shyness, English immersion, how to have good listening practice, using comedy in English, and Luke also shared a couple funny and embarrassing problems he’s had with learning French. 


2:56 – Introductions

4:56 – When did Luke get confident podcasting?

18:24 – Improving English in your home country

24:49 – What kind of listening is best?

35:06 – Luke’s ‘compulsion’ for comedy

36:28 – Using comedy in language learning and teaching

46:47 – Luke’s embarrassing mistakes in French

53:30 – Where to find Luke

Where to Find Luke


To cringe – To react to embarrassment (especially what someone else does) 

To bleed over – Something that spreads into other areas

Compulsion – An obligation or urge to do something in a certain way

Contrived – Forced, deliberately created, not spontaneous

Pervasive – Spreading widely throughout an area

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