Future Predictions 117

Future Predictions

As a child who grew up with sci-fi movies and games, I always dreamt about how cool it would be to live in the future, and now I realise we actually do!

Today I’m going to talk about some of my predictions for the future and also use some words to describe the chance of that happening.


Verbs: To predict, to envision, to foresee, to forecast, to anticipate

Below are words that talk about the chance of something happening (eg. likely to unlikely)

100% chance: bound to happen, will happen, certain to happen

80% chance: strong likelihood of happening, likely to happen, good chance of happening

10% chance: I doubt it will happen, unlikely to happen, no chance of happening

Other Vocabulary & Expressions

To take with a grain of salt – To not believe 100% of what someone says

AI – Artificial Intelligence (smart robots)

To emulate – To copy, to mimic

To augment – To add to something to improve it

Cyborg – A mix between a human and a robot

My Predictions for the Future

  • I envision that AI will become more prevalent (common), but I have some doubts we will have AI that looks like humans.
  • I can’t foresee flying cars being commonplace because of the danger of crashes, pollution, noise, and the trend for pedestrianisation). I think there’s no chance of this happening. I think there’s a strong likelihood that there will be more underground tunnels.
  • Technology implanted inside peoples’ bodies is inevitable. anticipate that this will take a while. It’s very likely that people will augment their bodies with technology and become cyborgs
  • I forecast that all paramedics will have jetpacks (see video here)
  • Physical money will be phased out. 
  • I envision that things will get better.

What are your predictions for the future?

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2 thoughts on “#117 Making Future Predictions in English”

  1. ruzicalevuskina

    Very good subject for this podcast episode. As always – clear, shortly, understandable and interesting. Thank you for your efforts. I like your last prediction, because it’s optimistic. Most of the others are scaring for me. All those technics will be available only for some people. Not many of them. We forget that most of the people on the planet are poor, even though there were more of them earlier then nowadays. There will always be people who cannot afford themselves even some simple technical items. I myself don’t use telephone to pay at all. I use cards, but I always have some dirty money with myself. There are still people that don’t use cards at all.
    I live in a big city, but I travel a lot and more and more realise that people in big cities don’t know much about life in a village or a small town. Lives of those peole are different, even though they also (can) have computers, telephones etc.
    Of course, I might be wrong, but the subject, as I said, is very interesting. I wanted to share with you some thoughts.

    1. Hey, thanks a lot for listening! I know how you feel. When I think about future predictions, I feel very grateful to live in the time that we do before we have too many technological problems (who knows if they will happen though!)
      You make a very good point about the huge number of poor people in the world. From what I’ve read, extreme poverty and starvation is at an all-time low, but that doesn’t mean it’s no longer a problem. Thanks for sharing your thoughts

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