Cara Leopold

Learning with Film

Cara Leopold helps adventurous expats and intrepid travelers understand fast-talking native English speakers, themselves, and the world around them by watching and discussing movies.

In this episode, I asked Cara all about her experience with learning and teaching languages using movies. We spoke a lot about listening skills and the use of subtitles, and I’m sure you’ll like this one. 


2:27 – Introductions

10:40 – Specific techniques for learning with movies

15:50 – More benefits of learning with films

21:15 – What would Cara recommend to learners to do on their own?

36:30 – What does Cara think about using subtitles?

45:30 – Cara’s favourite movies

48:50 – Best movies for English learners

52:00 – Where to find Cara


Where to Find Cara

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