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Memories vs Contentment

Today I’m going to be talking about happiness vs memories and why you may not be able to have both at the same time. This is taken from an article I found online and found really interesting. 

Today I’m going to be paraphrasing this article, sharing my thoughts on it, and giving a couple of good phrases and words.

How to Make Good Memories

Would you rather enjoy today, or have great memories tomorrow and forever?
Should you try to have great experiences in the moment or to create great memories to look back on later?

The article gives different ways to create good memories and live a fulfilling life. I won’t steal it and write it here, but feel free to check the link above or listen to me talk about it in the episode.


Here’s a good memory that I mentioned in the episode –

trying durian for the first time in Thailand.


  • Adrenaline – A chemical released in the body during times of extreme excitement or danger
  • To unwind – to relax after a period of hard work
  • Spontaneity – Something done without planning or previous consideration
  • Pungent – having a strong and bad smell or taste
  • To take on – To accept a challenge or task
  • To walk down memory lane – To remember things you’ve done before fondly
  • To solidify – To make more solid and clear (in your mind)

What is your favourite memory?

What is a difficult moment in your past that became a good memory later?

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