Pronunciation with Emma

Emma (Pronunciation with Emma) and I have a casual chat about a variety of topics, including video games, learning Japanese, procrastination and pronunciation. It’s the second time Emma has been kind enough to join me on the podcast. If you want to know more about her, check out Episode 7.


These timestamps are for the YouTube video. The audio version will be about 20 seconds later than the times below.

  • 2:43 – Podcast Start
  • 3:55 – Emma’s introduction
  • 12:41 – Procrastination
  • 16:03 – Emma’s favourite video games
  • 25:54 – Interactive TV and other TV series
  • 32:03 – Experience learning Japanese
  • 40:14 – English words in Japanese
  • 42:07 – The challenge of hard languages
  • 45:40 – What’s the hardest part of language learning?
  • 51:19 – Emma teaching me the TH sound
  • 57:39 – Yorkshire accent
  • 61:14 – How to train your pronunciation 
  • 65:22 – Emma’s pronunciation course

Vocabulary & Expressions

  • Procrastination – The act of avoiding the important or main tasks by doing unimportant tasks
  • To toy with something – to consider doing something or think about something, but not no seriously
  • To snipe – To shoot someone from a hiding place, perhaps far away
  • Inevitable – Something that will definitely happen and can’t be avoided
  • OG – original, old-school
  • Chronological – in time order
  • To flog (causal, British) – to sell something
  • To grasp – To be able to understand or comprehend something
  • To be drawn to something – to feel a ‘pull’ to do something, a strong desire to do something
  • Flustered – Agitated and confused
  • To put a bow on something – Adding the final touches to something
  • Bingo wings (slang) – Flabby fat under your arms that look like bird’s wings
  • Cherry on top – The final benefit that makes something even more desirable

Things Mentioned

  • Episode 7 (Emma’s first episode)
  • Life is Strange (video game)
  • The Sims (video games)
  • GTA (Grand Theft Auto) (video game)
  • Age of Empires (video game)
  • Age of Mythologies (video game)
  • Shenmue (video game)
  • Fallout (video game series)
  • Bandersnatch (interactive TV show)
  • Black Mirror (TV show)
  • Years and Years (TV show)
  • Takeshi’s Castle (TV game show)
  • Emma’s TH YouTube video

Where to Find Emma

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