Live Q&A Podcast

Live Q&A

I hosted the first-ever live Q&A episode for Level Up English members.

Hopefully, it won’t be the last. If you guys like this, I’ll do more in the future, although most Q&As will be private and will not be published on the podcast. The learners asked some brilliant questions and we did our best to provide advice for each one. We covered topics including changing your learning routine, improving speaking and writing, and thoughts and accent.

Websites for Language Exchange

My Language Exchange

Hello Talk App


These are the 3 I mentioned in the episode. Do you know any more? If you have recommendations, leave a comment and I’ll add them to this list.

Vocabulary & Expressions

  • Rambly (10:21) – Describing something that includes rambling, which is lots of talking without much meaning behind it
  • Hiatus (12:58) – A long break from doing something
  • Biased (26:07) – To have an unfair opinion because you have a reason for believing one thing

“Don’t worry too much because language is for communication and not to be perfect […] It’s just to communicate. If people can understand you, it’s the right way.”

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