People Personalities 139


Today I’m sharing a topic I enjoy from my private English lessons – personalities and characteristics. This episode is vocab-heavy and hopefully, you’ll learn a lot! Feel free to answer the questions I give today in the comments here.

Questions to Answer

“The way you dress is an expression of your personality.”

Do you agree or disagree with this statement? If agree, what do your clothes say about you?


Describe your personality in 3 (positive) words

For myself, I said: simple, laid-back and optimistic.


What kinds of people do you get on well with?

To get on with someone = To have a good relationship with someone


What traits do you dislike in a person?

Trait = A characteristic


What trait would you like to develop?

I said I wanted to be a better listener.


When you meet a new person, do they grow on you over time, or do you hit it off right away?

I love it when you hit it off, but for most of my friends, we grew on each other over time. This means we liked each other after a long time, and not right away.


Are you humble or egotistical? 

This is kind of a tricky question!


  • Laid-back (07:40) – A relaxed person who doesn’t stress much
  • Easy-going (07:59) – Same as ‘laid-back’
  • To get on with someone (08:56) – To have a good relationship with someone
  • Open-minded (09:28) – Someone who is accepting of new ideas and beliefs without judgement
  • Like-minded (09:32) – Someone who is similar to you and shares your opinions
  • Trait (11:06) – A characteristic, personality feature
  • Intently (14:41) – Carefully and with intention
  • To hit it off (15:35) – To quickly develop a strong relationship with someone, sometimes instantly
  • To grow on someone (16:20) – To like someone gradually over time, even if you didn’t like them at first
  • Humble (18:06) – Someone who doesn’t boast about their accomplishments
  • Egotistical (19:01) – Someone who cares a lot about themselves and boasts about their accomplishments

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5 thoughts on “#139 People and Personalities”

  1. Another interesting episode. My three words would be kind, positive, and persistent. My clothes are durable (jeans), and I’m not a big fan of colours, like you, Michael. I wear some coloured t-shirts regularly though.

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