145 IELTS Exam Goals

Setting English Goals

Today I’m celebrating the launch of my brand new IELTS exam training course at Level Up English to talk about working towards your goals. Whether you are taking the IELTS exam, or just making some more general goals to study towards in your English learning journey, I try to give some tips on how you can do that.

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Tips for the IELTS Exam

  • The exam requires 50% English knowledge, but also 50% exam knowledge. Understand the format well.
  • Do lots of practice tests, at first freely and then timed. Get used to the time restraints.
  • Get a teacher if you can to help check your work.
  • Always paraphrase the question.
  • The exam doesn’t expect you to be perfect. Small mistakes are natural. Repeated mistakes can be bad.

Setting General Language Learning Goals

It’s important to think about goals because they give us a sense of direction and progress in life.

At the moment, my goal with my Japanese is to get it to a high enough level where I feel comfortable shifting my focus towards other languages and being confident that my Japanese level won’t disappear overnight. 

Once you have worked out what your goals are, be it an exam or something beyond that, we now need to break them down into smaller and more achievable tasks.


  • To bite off more than I can chew  (1:15) – To start something that’s too big or difficult to finish
  • Nerve-wracking (4:17) – Something that causes you to feel nervous
  • To cram (8:32) – To study a lot in a short space of time
  • Take what one says with a pinch of salt (8:44) – To not believe everything someone says
  • Sleep deprived (9:13) – The state of having a lack of sleep
  • To strike up a conversation (11:05) – To start a conversation with someone
  • To keep one’s eye on the price (11:42) – To stay focused on your goals
  • To bring it full circle (13:08) – To return to the original topic and create a circle or loop in the conversation that ties everything together
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