Rod the English Teacher

New Year Questions

Rod The English Teacher kindly joined me to talk about his difficulties facing and overcoming adversity in his life. We spoke about not giving up when you had a disability or limiting belief, as well as tips to work on your English, and finally a bit about accent reduction – is it a good thing?

I know you’ll like this episode!


  • 0:00 – Intro
  • 3:11 – Rod’s Introduction
  • 4:43 – Avoiding Burn-out
  • 13:07 – How to develop a thick skin
  • 15:59 – How to overcome adversity
  • 23:25 – Have you had obstacles learning English?
  • 26:49 – Accent reduction
  • 30:36 – Do you have limiting beliefs?
  • 35:23 – Rod’s Final Advice for Learners

Where to Find Rod

Vocabulary & Expressions

  • In the hot seat (03:45) – Being in a position of responsibility or attention on you
  • Flamboyant (07:40) – Describes someone who attracts attention because of their confidence and style
  • Infatuated by someone or something (07:44) – Obsessed or in love with someone/thing
  •  Thrown in the deep end (09:41) – Put at a very difficult level right away, even though it wasn’t your choice
  • Hindrance (10:15) – Problem, obstacle, hurdle
  • Shortcomings (10:51) – Areas in your personality or life that aren’t good enough
  • Thick skin (11:35) – To not be sensitive to criticism or insults
  • To judge a book by its cover (11:45) – To judge something or someone based on appearance, rather than true character
  • To play the victim card (13:46) – To use your disadvantages or disabilities to get sympathy from people and use that to your advantage
  • Adversity (16:11) – A difficult or unpleasant situation
  • Naysayer (17:03) – Negative people who say you can’t do something
  • To dwell (18:56) – To spend too much time thinking about something (especially in the past)
  • My two cents (26:51) – My opinion
  • To let your guard down (34:46) – To be open and vulnerable with someone

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