Interview with a Kurdish English learner

In this week’s podcast episode, I spoke with Eman. She is an English learner from the Kurdish region of Iraq and we spoke about her experience learning English. She gave some great advice!

Below is a summary of what she said.

Eman’s Advice

– Never lose hope

– You have to struggle to succeed

– Find a partner (even if they are not a native speaker, they might have great English)

– Don’t worry about your mistakes

– Good English is meaningless if you don’t have the courage to use it

– Create a routine where you practice speaking every day (preferably to a partner, or even just in a mirror to yourself)


English Expression

In the podcast I apologised for putting her on the spot. This means I put her under pressure to answer a difficult question.

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    1. Thanks for listening!
      The transcript for the earlier episodes will work on computer, but perhaps not on phone. Later on I changed the format and it should be better. I may go back and fix the old ones at some point though

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