Podcast 150 Ageing


“Growing old is mandatory, but growing up is optional!”

If I could retire...

Let’s practice the 2nd conditional now!

If I could retire tomorrow, I would…


How would you finish this sentence?


  • To fuse (5:41) – Two things joining together
  • Longevity (7:57) – A long life
  • To grow up (8:25) – To become an adult (it doesn’t mean ‘get older’
  • To shatter (9:27) – To break like glass
  • Cut out to be something (10:05) – To be good enough to be something (eg. I’m not cut out to be a doctor)
  • I’m getting on a bit (10:29) – I’m getting older
  • Golden age (13:34) – a time or era where one thing was most popular
  • The time of my life (15:35) – One of the happiest moments of my life
  • To age well (18:56) – To still be suitable for the audience after much time has passed
  • You look great for your age – You look much younger than you really are

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9 thoughts on “#150 Ageing and Getting Older”

  1. Golden Age in my opinion is the technology devices such as PCs, laptops and cell phone devices maybe we will transfer to virtual world using hologram technology ( I wrote that because am a Information Technology staff 🙂
    About the retirement age I would be sitting in my lovely sofa using hologram on the air browsing for everything like the action movies.
    Thank you Micheal for this subject it was new idea.

    1. Retirement for the young people today is going to be crazy! There was an episode of Black Mirror where everyone was stuck in virtual reality re-living their past. I wonder if that will happen!

  2. hello Michael .. am Adnan from Syria
    am grateful to the person how told me about your podcast.. my english just get better time by time
    thanks alot you are such a good person kind and you seem peaceful..
    this is a quote from Imam Ali, the fourth of the Rightly-Guided Caliphs :
    workfor your (life of this) world as if you are to live eternally, and work for your Hereafter as if you will die tomorrow.
    i have a q .. how can i start making conversation with native speakers via the website ..Can you explain that to me?

    1. Hi Adnan, thanks for leaving a comment! It’s amazing to hear you’re seeing some improvements in your English. Nice quote too 😊

      You’re asking about conversations via the website – what website are you referring to? This one?

      As a Level Up English Member, you can join group classes with me each Friday and some Sundays (click the “Members” button for more information).

      I also often suggest the website mylanguageexchange.com which I find very helpful for language exchange.

      Send me an email if you have more questions!

  3. Retirement sounds really far away from me haha. But if I could retire, I would start to learn something I’m interested in but hadn’t had time to, like music arrangement or Greek/Latin.
    Ps: you sound cute when speaking Chinese

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