“Minimalism is living a meaningful life with less” (The Minimalists)

Minimalism is the practice of owning fewer items to make life simpler and still have meaning.

I find minimalism really benefits my life in many ways, and I highly recommend checking out the Minimalists Podcast.

Another thing I mentioned in the episode was the amazing YouTube channel – Living Big in a Tiny House.


  • To despise (6:52) – To hate something
  • Bare minimum (6:13) – The absolute smallest number of things you can have or need
  • To each their own (7:16) – Phrase used to mean “everyone is different and has different likes or dislikes
  • To weigh on one’s mind (8:43) – Something that you are thinking or worrying about
  • Stark (10:05) – Bare and simple in appearance
  • Bare (10:15) – Naked, empty (eg. barefoot)
  • Bare essentials / Bare necessities (10:46) – the basics that one needs to live and be happy
  • The time of my life (15:35) – One of the happiest moments of my life
  • Clutter (11:28) – (noun) Messy items that don’t have a place
  • Pet peeve (11:38) – One particular thing that especially annoys you
  • To declutter (12:22) – To remove clutter (mess) from a place
  • To put off (13:32) – To delay, postpone
  • To minimise (13:49) To decrease the number of things you own, make something smaller
  • To downsize (14:34) – To move into a smaller house and reduce your possessions in order to do so
  • Clutter (11:28) – (noun) Messy items that don’t have a place
  • Minimalistic (16:39) – Describing something that has a minimalist style 
  • Minimalist (16:40) – A person who likes to be minimal
  • Minimal (17:33) – A small number of things
  • Superfluous (20:41) – Too much of something
  • To cling (21:10) – To hold onto something tightly
  • To spark (22:47) – To cause something to happen (eg. spark a fire)
  • To take for granted (23:22) – To not truly appreciate something
  • Spontaneous (24:02) – Random, unplanned
  • Combustion (24:02) – Catching on fire

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4 thoughts on “#152 Minimalism”

  1. Hi I’m actually serving from clutter I’ve lot of items that not necessary at all notebooks، books ، empty brand bags etc… always I thinks to remove it away but in last moment I can’t 😂 you covering the topic very well but I have one extra point . Buy high quality product once is better than buy it twice or more quality not quninty
    Finally this episode sound great with a lot of new words for me
    Thanks again

    1. Hi Hashim. I totally agree with your idea! I’d rather have 1 jacket that is £100 and good quality than 10 jackets that are £10 each. Quality not quantity, exactly!
      Thanks for joining me in this episode.

    1. Hi Ema, thanks for the request! Although I’m not sure if I’d be able to do that because I don’t know anything about astrology I’m afraid. I think I would end up embarrassing myself and talking nonsense! haha. Maybe in the future we can if I have a guest who knows more about it

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