Feeling Annoyed 154

Feeling Annoyed

In this episode, I talk all about things that I find annoying and use some useful expressions to talk about this. Most importantly, I end the episode with some ideas on how we can deal with our annoyances and become more understanding and patient human beings.

I am quite a sensitive person, and I probably have misophonia (literally “sound hatred”) which means an extreme sensitivity to certain sounds. There are ways to deal with our annoyances, so I think it’s useful to talk about it today.

Let’s give people the benefit of the doubt.


  • Negative Nelly (00:53) – A term for someone who is being negative (Nelly is a name)
  • Thick skin (5:02) – To not be bothered by insults or criticism from others
  • Pet peeve (6:02) – Something that really annoys you
  • Misophonia (7:55) – Extreme sensitivity to sounds
  • Muffled (9:43) – Sound that is obstructed by walls, clothing or something else, so it’s hard to hear
  • Pain in the neck (9:51) – Annoying
  • To bury one’s head in the sand (10:48) – To ignore something
  • To pull your hair out (11:13) – To get very stressed and annoyed
  • Infuriated (13:30) – Very angry
  • To get in a huff (14:09) – To get a bit angry
  • By a hair (14:27) – By a very small amount
  • To clench (19:19) – To squeeze your muscles (usually in your fist or jaw)
  • Inherent (19:37) Existing as an essential characteristic of something
  • To give someone the benefit of the doubt (19:55) – To not assume that someone is doing something for bad reasons – maybe just a misunderstanding
  • Equanimity (21:40) – A state of peace

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10 thoughts on “#154 Feeling Annoyed”

  1. Hello Michael, I am in love with your podcast.. I keep listening to it every day while I’m cleaning dishes.
    thanks a lot from me and my dishes 🙂

  2. Hi Michael,
    Could I share a secret with you?
    You are the best one Who I ever have listened to.
    I don’t know why, bu sur there is secret in your inside: you’re loving what you’re doing, so you do it with love and faithfully shared.
    Thanks a bunch from Morocco, Marrakech city.
    Since I discovered your podcast (our podcast) I became very much attached ( I listened to you every day during my daily walking, almost 1:45 hours).
    Keep going 😎

    1. Hi Yassine!
      Thanks so much! That’s really kind of you to say. I’m glad you’re liking the podcasts from the beautiful city of Marrakech (I’d love to visit one day!)
      I hope you won’t get fed up with my voice! Haha
      Thanks again

  3. hello MICHAEL I am SALMA from SAUDI ARABIA from MAKKAH specifically I listen to you every week I listen to you when I go to work in the morning I like the way you speak and your accent I hope you continue

  4. Hello, I want to say to you thank you. I listened your lessons last year, but than something to happen your page I could not open it.
    Anyway I downloaded spotify and I am going to listen your podcasts.

    1. Hi Hatice, thanks so much for listening! I appreciate that.
      Could you tell me what you were trying to open that didn’t work? What page or link were you going to? I’ll do my best to fix it

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