Smartphone Addiction Podcast Episode 156

I'm Addicted!

I ramble about the important and relevant topic of smartphone addiction and how smartphones can be used to learn English, as well as some of my ideas on how to reduce smartphone usage is a.. smart way!

Using Your Phone to Learn English

Here’s a summary of a few things I spoke about

  • Ultimately, do whatever you find helpful and useful
  • Personally, I will use a dictionary app occasionally, but rarely study on my phone besides podcasts
  • Some apps will give you the feeling of progress even through there are much better things you can be doing.
  • Don’t be tricked by the attractive and colourful designs
  • Consider using social media for immersion (like making your Instagram followers all English!)
  • Be sure to incorporate what you learn on phones into real-life speaking practice


  • To take someone off guard (04:43) – To surprise someone when they’re not expecting it
  • Right off the bat (7:55) – In the first moment, right away
  • Twitch (17:36) – An uncontrollable muscle spasm (when a muscle in your body moves or shakes on its own) 

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12 thoughts on “#156 Smartphone Addiction”

  1. Hi dear teacher Michael!
    It’s me the one who has sent you the huge list of suggested topics that I asked you to choose the best of them to talk about in your future episodes. Oh my God! You made it! I’m so so happy and I’m really grateful to you. This episode’s topic, namely Smartphone Addiction is one of the best topics that I’m interested in. So thank you for talking about it. This episode has been really useful to me and full of appropriate vocabulary related to the topic you beautifully discussed (as you always do in all your podcast episodes). . So, many thanks for your good deed, and please keep up your great work as we really learn a lot from you and your wonderful podcast (and other courses) and we can improve our English and take it to a higher level. All the best!

    1. Hi Zahir,
      Nice to hear from you. I can talk on this topic for ages – it’s a great one! Thanks again for the topic suggestion. I have my own huge list of topics for future episodes, but if I ever run out of ideas, I’ll refer back to your helpful list again.
      Take care

    1. Hi Ahmed, I have covered the IELTS exam before in previous episodes. I hope they help!

      Besides that, any way you improve your English will be good for the IELTS exam. Keep focusing on reading, listening, speaking, and writing and that will be great. Also, don’t forget to do lots of practice tests online or in a textbook.

  2. Hi..Michael
    That’s the time to say big thanks to you my level language have changed to better thanks to your episodes I have been listening to them more than two years..actually I have never try leaving comment I don’t know why but sorry when we don’t support you plz don’t think you talk and no one listen to you every single’re best🤍

  3. Hi Michael,
    Finally i finished all episodes, it was interesting topics and useful to learn english thank you michael, still waiting for new episodes.

    keep going

    1. That’s incredible, Mohammed! Thanks for joining me for so many episodes. I hope the wait each week for new episodes won’t be too long now. Let me know if you have any requests for future episodes too.

      1. Nothing specifically for request for future episodes just i’m waiting that episodes.

        I forgot to say that I got a 5.5 in IELTS more than 3 months ago. It was a good experience for me, especially it was my first IELTS test, and your podcast was one of the reasons.

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