Benefit of the doubt podcast 157

Not Assuming the Worst in People

Giving people the benefit of the doubt – not only is this a useful English phrase, but it’s also a great attitude to have in life. I talk about some ways in which we can use this and how this way of thinking benefits my own life.

Situations That Make Me Mad

Someone cuts you off in traffic

Maybe he’s rushing his pregnant wife to the hospital. Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt.

Sometimes swears at you or shouts at you for something

Maybe that person is very insecure and just trying to impress their friends. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and maybe even feel some pity for him.


Not standing on one side of an escalator

Maybe that person is a tourist and they’ve just arrived in London for the first time! I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt that they don’t know this rule.


  • To clench one’s jaw (04:35) – To tighten the muscles in your jaw (part of your head where your chin is)
  • To cut someone off (5:08) – To drive in front of someone else in traffic quickly and dangerously
  • To belittle (7:34) – To make someone feel small or unimportant (or their problems)
  • To hit home (10:26) – To be particularly emotionally important for someone, or to have a lot of meaning to someone
  • If I were in your shoes (16:34) – If I were in your situation…
  • He means well – He has good intentions, he doesn’t want to harm you

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2 thoughts on “#157 Giving the Benefit of the Doubt”

  1. I really like the topic and enjoyed a lot , I remembered something related to this subject , I was in the car with a bad mood and there was a girl knocked the door strongly , I felt bothered of her and I opened the window and screamed to her face : what do you want for me ? She said I just want to tell you that your “abaya” (abaya is a length garment worn by some Muslim women ) stuck outside the car 🥲 I really feel embarrassed and regretted and I apologised to her she was very nice .
    (Sorry if there any mistakes in my writing)

    1. Hi Abrar, that’s such a great example! You described it really clearly. Similar things have happened to me before too. Sometimes it’s easy to react with frustration and assume the worst, but people are often just trying to help.

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