159 Using Language While Travelling

Bosnia Travel Reflections

I recently returned from a trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina – my first post-pandemic trip. I had a fantastic time and tried my best to use as much of their language as possible.

As with all my trips, I have a lot of reflections and ideas on language learning that I’d like to share that might help you.

Travel Tips for Language Learning

Predict situations you’re going to be in

It’s quite easy to predict what conversations you’re likely to get into throughout your day. Think about possible interactions you might have getting a train ticket, or ordering in a café. Prepare for these situations in advance.

Keep a cheatsheet on your phone

I spent a lot of time writing useful phrases in the notes app on my phone. These were categorised by situations. For example, I had one category for phrases I might need in a restaurant. I would review these before order and practice from there.

Have one lesson with a teacher before your trip

This doesn’t have to be a regular and expensive series of lessons. Just book one online lesson with a teacher from the country you’re visiting to practice some phrases and basic conversation. It’s also great for getting travel tips!


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2 thoughts on “#159 Learning While Travelling”

  1. Wow, I think you prepared perfectly for that travel.

    I laughed hard in the part when you said (amm amm amm) 😂😂

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