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Why am I talking about this topic? Hmmm… Well, listen to the episode to find out.

I talk about the topic of getting married along with some useful expressions related to the topic. I also end the podcast by addressing the question: How to know if you’ve found “the one”?

Do you believe in “the one”? Or do you think there are many potential suitable partners for each person?

Expressions for Getting Married

To Pop the Question

To propose to someone. To ask someone to marry you.

“He popped the question last month!”


To Take the Plunge

To do something scary

“I took the plunge and just asked her to marry me.”

To Tie the Knot

To officially get married

“We tied the knot last November.”


To Settle down

To become more stable in your life, usually by buying a home and starting a family.

“I don’t want to settle down just yet. I have a lot of travelling to do.”


To Get Cold Feet

To get nervous about something and consider leaving

“I got cold feet before my wedding so I ran away.”


The old ball and chain

A pejorative (negative) term for someone’s wife, implying she’s keeping you prisoner

“I have to spend time with the old ball and chain tonight.”


Stag party / Hen party (stag do)

Parties that you have before you get married to celebrate. Stag is for men. Hen is for women.

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2 thoughts on “#163 Getting Married”

  1. Montserrat Rigall Corominas

    I do believe in finding the One because you are who you are because of your environment, the place you where born and the culture you live in.
    On the other hand, I’m sure about it is a cultural question because if I was born in another country , I would have been in love with another different person

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