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Charlie Baxter

Charlie Baxter (The British English Podcast / Real English with Real Teachers) joined me for a chat about British culture and his thoughts after living in Australia for a few years now and being away from home.

We talk about: What he misses about British culture, Why British people are strange, Australian slang, Travel destinations, and more!


  • 2:47 – Podcast Start
  • 4:26 – History with teaching and Airbnbs
  • 8:57 – Why people like the British accent
  • 12:57 – Anglophile
  • 19:11 – Do you appreciate British culture more?
  • 25:36 – What do you miss about home?
  • 29:36 – Beans on toast?
  • 32:36 – Australian Slang
  • 38:37 – Private Podcast
  • 39:22 – Where to find Charlie

Where to Find Charlie

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