Level Up English podcast 167 Law justice

Laws & Justice

Here’s an idea from one of my group classes – laws and justice. I think it’s a really interesting topic to discuss. 

  • Are there any laws we shouldn’t be following?
  • What laws would you make?
  • What laws would you abolish?

We also look at a few good and relevant expressions here. Hope you enjoy it!


 Answer these in the comments.

If you could make one law that everyone had to follow, what would it be?

If you could abolish one law, what would it be?

Are there any laws that are okay to break?

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4 thoughts on “#167 Laws & Justice”

  1. Hi Michael .. l hope you have a good day
    I just wanna answer one of the episode questions I think if l make one law firstly it would be just for my country and the law will be that we study in uni with the Arabic language which is our mother language instead of studying in English I think it’s will make the study more beneficial and of course, they can add some English topics cause we all know how much English is important especially right now. Thank you a lot for your podcast it’s helped me a lot 🫶🏼

    1. So even though your country speaks Arabic, you have to use English at university? That’s strange! I wouldn’t have expected that. I suppose it’s good for preparing some people for the world and to practice this global language, but it would be nicer to use your native language, I’m sure. Nice answer! Thanks for listening to this one

  2. hi michael .. hope all good
    i would love to answer the episode question
    i think the one rule that every one had to follow actually i don’t think i believe that everyone need to follow the “Teachings of the Quran” as much as possible.. cause i believe that its the God words and who is gonna know the better for us but the one who creat us?
    i do not say am perfect and i letterly follow the Quran .. i had made some sins and i have some bad habits but everytime i come back and ask God (Allah) for forgiveness and actually this is the beauty of this relationship that you got weak sometimes but at the end you admit your faults and ask God for forgiveness .
    thank u for your hard work i am in love with your podcast and i am getting better with time

    1. Hi Adnan, thanks for sharing your rule with us. Also, I’m very happy to hear you see yourself improving each time. I’m glad you’re enjoying the podcast! Take care!

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