Learning Language Will Change your life Level Up English podcast 169

The Benefits of Language Learning

In this episode, my goal is to motivate you and encourage you to keep going by looking at some huge benefits of learning a language, whether that is English or perhaps another language.

Let’s look at a review of some of the points from the episode today.

  • It’s ​​healthy for your mind
  • It gives you a purpose and a reason to wake up
  • It motivates you and gives you hope for the future
  • It benefits your career and job prospects
  • It allows you to make more friends
  • It helps to travel and see the world
  • It can ward off diseases
  • It boosts your confidence
  • It helps you gain perspective

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11 thoughts on “#169 Learning a Language will Change Your Life”

  1. Eman Al-Hwaitat

    Hello Michael
    I am really interested while I am listening to your podcast. learning another language is so important for a comunication espically the English language which is an international language, and for Job and studying. I studied at Jordan university with an English language which impacts on my life skills during my life.
    Kind regards,

      1. Salaam
        YES it is really a nice and useful podcast.
        I do agree that it is interesting to learn new languages.
        One of the benefits of learning new language is to get new good opportunities in life , and it is also enabling us to understand more about other’s traditions and culture.

    1. Hi Mohamed, thanks so much! You mean you’ve listened to all of them? That’s amazing! Thanks for sticking with me. I hope the future episodes continue to live up to the old ones

  2. Hi Micheal… I’m Hasna from Algeria.
    Thank you bro ! I’m enjoying listenning.. Thank you.. I’m about preparing for ILTES exam, your podcasts is helping me a lot,

  3. Hello Michael l’m AEYD from Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦 i like your podcast I listened lots of your Episodes thank you , and i want to learn Japanese language and the French language .

  4. I have enjoyed listening to your podcast and I’m getting better step by step. Keep up the good work. {from United Arab Emirates}.

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