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Free Resources to Learn English

Today we’re discussing the difference between paid and free resources to learn English. 

  • Why paying might sometimes be a good thing
  • Why I don’t teach for free
  • Free resources you can use
  • And more! 

Should You Pay?

The best textbook is the one you use.

And what’s the best way to make sure you actually use a textbook (or any learning resource?

Pay for it!


It’s certainly not necessary, but paying often makes you use it more. It’s much easier to give up on something when you haven’t invested any money into it.

At the moment, I pay for a monthly membership to a Chinese learning platform, and I find it’s really helping me stay consistent with my study. This is because, if I don’t study for one month, then I have wasted my money and gained nothing from it.

Free Resources to Learn English

Having said that, we all love free resources! And not everyone can afford to pay for them. Here are few I like.

Do you have any more resources to suggest? Share them in the comments!

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4 thoughts on “#173 Free Resources to Learn English (Should You Pay?)”

  1. I’m happy that I finished listening to all 173 , I really appreciate your efforts and I can’t find the words which thanks your helpful which give me, I seek to complete my higher studies in UK and achieve my life goals, I lived in Manchester before for few months and I like your accent as same as Manconian accent.
    Mdawei from Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦, I hope you will visit us in our country soon as possible.

  2. Hi Michael, I just finished all the episodes, so I can finally catch up with listeners.
    I feel I’ve achieved something which I am proud of, I enjoyed every minute. Shout out to your hardworking and your fabulous podcast.✨🌸

    I wonder if you could make a podcast about TV shows like you did in the early episodes.

    Thank you very much, appreciate your effort, and I’ll be always waiting for this
    dazzling ​podcast.💯🎉

    Mmm from Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦

    1. Hi again! That’s amazing! Good job 🙂 I’m so pleased you stuck with me through all these episodes. I really hope you feel your listening skills have improved during this time, and I’m glad you enjoyed them too.
      I’ll consider another episode on TV shows. I don’t really watch TV at all, so I may not be the best person to ask. But I suppose I could do my own research and find some shows that I think would be suitable.

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