Podcast 176 Speaking Fast or Slow

Fast or Slow English?

I often get people asking me to speak more slowly or sometimes to speed up! Of course, I can’t please everyone, but in this episode, I talk about the benefits of both slow and natural English and which might be best for you. I think listening to both types can be good but for different reasons.

I also talk about my own speaking speed and whether that could help you too.

Which is best?

In my view, it depends!

Slow English Benefits

Slow English can be great for understanding each word and the sentence structure. You might pick up on some interesting grammar and hear new words you would have missed otherwise.

It’s also great for your motivation! It’s an amazing feeling when you can understand most of what someone says.

Natural English Benefits

Natural English can be great for hearing connected speech and how pronunciation changes when we speak quickly. (eg. went to the park / wen tuh thu park)

Natural English will prepare you more for the real world. If you find it fun, go for it! If you find it demotivating and hard, then considering sticking with slower English for now.

My transcripts are a way to help you with my natural speed. It highlights the words as I speak.

Do you prefer slow or natural speed English?

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