Level Up English Podcast 179 IELTS Writing Part 2

IELTS Writing Part 2

A listener requested I respond to an IELTS Writing Part 2 question in an episode, but rather than answer the question in the exam style, I’m allowed to ramble on in my usual way and discuss both sides of the question.

The idea here is that it might help you become clear on how you can answer similar questions for yourself.

Even if you’re not taking the exam, it might be interesting to hear my thoughts on this difficult topic! What do you think about it?


In many countries, children are becoming overweight and unhealthy. Some people think the government has the responsibility to solve this problem. To what extent do you agree or disagree? 


In my answer, I gave some reasons for both sides of the argument. This is always a good thing to do, but it also reflect my true opinion because I’m somewhat on the fence as to who is responsible.


I discussed some of the things the government could do to improve the situation, and then some things that parents could do to help their children. I finished the monologue with a conclusion to tie everything together.

In your actual writing exam, you’ll want to be a bit more coherent than I was! (Writing is different to speaking!) Try to use lots of good linking words (on the other hand, whereas…) and good grammar structures.


What did you think of my answers though? Well, it doesn’t matter! 

IELTS examiners don’t care if your answers make sense. They are only judging your English ability.

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Share your views on this question in the comments below.

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