Level Up English Podcast 179 Lewis Teachify

A Changing World

Lewis (@englishwithlewis) is an English teacher from the UK who is now living in Spain. He works for Teachify, an online English academy. 

He joined me on this episode to talk all about Change. Join us to hear an interesting discussion and learn lots of new vocabulary and idioms. Remember you can view vocabulary lists on the members at the top of the page.


  • 3:10 – Podcast Start
  • 5:23 – What is Lewis doing now?
  • 9:00 – Awkward in-person teaching
  • 10:25 – Teaching online vs in person
  • 13:57 – Topic of change
  • 14:19 – How do you respond to change?
  • 22:02 – The biggest changes in our lifetimes
  • 30:28 – Future changes
  • 38:57 – Where to find Lewis

Where to Find Lewis

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