Level Up English Podcast 184 Language Learning Hacks

Language Learning Hacks

This is another Saturday episode, which means I’m reacting to some articles I found online.

Today, I look at several online pages about hacks to learn English more easily.

Do you know any language hacks to make things easier?


Here’s the main article I mentioned in the episode: ecenglish.com/en/101-ways-to-learn-english

Quotes & hacks from the episode...

“I’ve been studying languages for over 40 years. And I don’t have a single one. Not one single hack.”

“everyone wants the reward without putting in the countless hours of effort.”

“Plan a trip to the country, or an exam”

“Face to face learning is always the most effective”

“Talk to your pet in English”

“Use dead time, like your commute”

“Don’t study for too long at a time”

“You can learn from everyone no matter what their level”

“Learn prefixes and suffixes”

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