Level Up English Podcast Episode 187 Cringe

Cringe Moments

In this episode, I start by teaching some phrases related to “cringe”. (Full vocabulary list on Level Up English)

I then read some Reddit posts looking at other people’s cringe moments, as well as sharing some of my own that keep me awake at night. I finish with some advice on how to move past these embarrassing moments.

Cringe / Cringey / Cringe-worthy

These words are used to describe something that makes you feel so embarrassed or awkward, especially when watching other people do it

In this episode...

  • Useful phrases related to the topic of ‘cringe’
  • Reacting to other people’s cringe-worthy moments
  • Using cringe stories as a form of therapy
  • How to get over the embarrassment and move on

I hope you enjoy it!

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