#190 British Etiquette Foreigners Must Know Level Up English

British Etiquette Foreigners Must Know

In today’s reaction episode, I look at a Reddit post from someone moving to the UK and asking some Brits what etiquette (politeness) rules must be followed to integrate into society.

We had some jokes and some good tips! Can you think of any more?

Can you think of any etiquette rules we should follow when visiting your country?

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5 thoughts on “#190 British Etiquette Foreigners Must Know”

  1. Hi Michael, I want to explain what visitors to the UK should know about British etiquette in a video that I’d upload on Facebook and YouTube. May I use your brief clips (consisting of just a few seconds) in my video? I will do most of the talking in the video. I was just wondering if you would give permission.
    Should you give the green light to me, a few hundred more people from Pakistan may know about you and your channel.

  2. Hi Michael, I’m from Pakistan, and I’m going to share some handy tips on visiting Pakistan. Generally, people here favour modest attire. You should have a reasonable amount of money with you as Pakistan is still catching up with cashless transactions. With the exception of upmarket shopping malls, Pakistan is a haven for bargaining, especially vendors are open to haggling. As Pakistan is an Islamic country, the consupmtion of alcohol is frowned upon.

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