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Language Styles & Habits

Lindsay Williams (Lindsay Does Languages) first appeared on the podcast for Episode 42, and now she’s back for a fun conversation where we discuss language learning styles and habits. 

We also talk about…

  • A Master’s Degree in Applied Linguistics
  • Different types of language learners
  • A quiz to find out your style
  • Lindsay’s study routine
  • Bad and good habits
  • And more!


  • 3:57 – Podcast Start
  • 5:10 – Linday’s Master’s degree
  • 8:13 – Using knowledge from the degree
  • 9:28 – We are all different learners
  • 11:39 – A learning technique that doesn’t work for you
  • 13:42 – Language learner quiz
  • 18:49 – Lindsay’s study routine
  • 22:24 – Do you naturally enjoy studying?
  • 24:42 – Bad habits we have
  • 28:26 – Bad habits other people do
  • 30:29 – Good habits we implemented
  • 34:17 – Habits we want to develop
  • 35:50 – Outro

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4 thoughts on “#198 Habits for Language Learners – Lindsay Williams”

  1. I’m understand what he say but not all
    I am afraid that I will continue to hear and not be able to understand what others are saying

  2. I want to thank the English tutor “Abed Alrahman Hijazi” who recommended your podcast for intermediate English learners on his channel.
    The first thing I would to say, your voice level is very comfortable, and even if I am not in a good situation, I still love to listen to your podcast. I like to listen to your podcast not just to learn English. I like the subjects you discuss and I pick up the subject I am interested in. Thank you for all the effort you make to help us when we learn English.
    Marwa from Syria.

    1. I’m glad someone recommended my podcast! Thanks for coming over. I’m so happy to hear your feedback about the topics too. I’ll try to keep picking good new topics for the future. Thanks again, Marwa!

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