Creating a Study Routine

I often answer this question with a vague answer. Something like “It depends on the person”. This is true. But there is more we can talk about.

Step 1: Make it Regular

  • Study every day (1 hour best) = 15 days a year
  • Make one place for your study (but don’t be afraid to leave it sometimes)
  • Choose morning or evening
  • No one has free time – make time!
  • Be realistic – don’t pick 1 hour if you can’t stick to it

Step 2: What to Study?

  • Creating the study routine is the first step, but it will be hard to follow if you don’t have a plan of what to study

  • Cover all the key skills – speaking, listening, reading, writing

  • (vocabulary and grammar can be studied along with each skill)


  • 15 minutes of reading – note down new vocabulary and grammar
  • 15 minutes of listening and focusing on the language
  • 15 minutes make some example sentences with the new words/grammar
  • 15 minutes flashcards studying those words
  • Also, 1 or 2 days a week of speaking practice with an online teacher

Adapt the routine (don’t study writing if you don’t need it)

It should be fun.

Step 3: Integrate English Into Your Life

Now that you have created your study time and routine, you can take it one step further.


  • listen to English podcasts while driving to work.
  • write all your ‘To Do’ lists in English, instead of your native language
    listen to English music more often
  • change your phone or social media language settings to English

Get creative and see how much English you can add to your life!

Problem: I Feel Like I’m Not Improving

Don’t worry – this is normal.

  • Don’t compare yourself to others
  • Review your old English notes or audio
Intermediate Plateau

Even though it might feel like you’re not improving, keep going! Language learning is a series of ups and downs – the next ‘up’ is just around the corner.


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  1. Ku Harmi Ku Ahmad

    Thanks again Michael on your sincere guidance. I’ll learn English step by step until I feel confidence communicating & writing.

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