Shopping Consumerism Level Up English podcast episode 201

Shopping & Consumerism

With the Christmas and the holiday season, we tend to buy a lot and consumerism is rampant. With that, I thought an episode about shopping would be timely. In this episode, we’ll look at lots of great expressions and vocabulary while chatting about this topic.

If you’d like to join in and respond to any of the questions I asked in the episode, please use the comments at the bottom of the page (or on YouTube).

Questions to Answer

  • What have you splashed out on?
  • Are you frugal, or a big spender?
  • What impulse purchases have you made?
  • Do you prefer online shopping or visiting a brick-and-mortar store?

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5 thoughts on “#201 Shopping & Consumerism”

  1. Hi Micheal, It’s very nice to hear your podcast, I’m honestly enjoying when I heard some of your podcasts because your topics its much interesting and the way of your speaking I like it. Also, you have awareness about the life. So, I get a lot of benefit from you. Thank you so much. Have a nice weekend.

  2. Wow, I’m glad to hear that! For listening to your latest episode, I left the comment on the page. About the block, I don’t know why either. Luke’s podcast has been blocked too. I guess they blocked some internet service, therefore the affected website are unavailable in China.

  3. Hi! I’m from China. I am not sure if you remember my ID. I usually listen to your podcast on Apple Podcasts. But now I have to connect a VPN first. Your podcast has been blocked for several months, I guess.

    1. Hello! Yes I remember you from your kind review! I spoke about this block on the podcast that comes out next week. It’s really a shame! I don’t know why, but it has happened with other podcasts so I suppose it’s nothing personal. Sorry for the trouble, but glad VPNs exist! If you ever figure out why it happened, let me know, because I have no idea haha

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