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Although my lessons on jokes have always been a bit awkward in the past, let’s have a go at covering it in a podcast episode today. We’ll be looking at 5 jokes; each has a word or expression we can learn from. You may not laugh at the jokes, but I hope you have fun anyway.

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Puns from the Episode

Joke 1 - Plethora

At a funeral, a man asked to stand on stage to say a word in respect of the deceased. He clinked his glass and said “Plethora.” He walked off stage and the wife of the man who passed away said with a tear in her eye, “Thank you. That means a lot”.

Joke 2 - Rough

Person 1: I’ve taught my dog how to speak English.

Person 2: Nonsense! Dogs can’t talk!

Person 1: They can! See, watch this. 

Person 1: (turns to dog) What’s the state of the current situation in the UK?

Dog: Ruff. Ruff. 

Joke 3 - Hijack

I was arrested at the airport for greeting my friend, Jack! I have no idea why. I just shouted “Hi, Jack!” across the room and the guards jumped on me. 

Joke 4 - Wine

What did the grape say when it got crushed? 

It let out a little whine

Joke 5 - Thanks for nothing

To the guy who invented the number 0, thanks for nothing! 

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14 thoughts on “#202 British Humour, Puns & Jokes”

  1. “Thanks for nothing” is fun 😂,
    Thank you Michael ‘plethora’ ✨✨

    I started listening to your podcast to improve my listening, and it did!, but now I really enjoy listening to you!

  2. Muhammad Rasheed

    Hi Michael,
    This is Muhammed Rasheed from Syria. I have passed my IELTS exam for almost two years and I am still listening to your podcast. Go a head

  3. Your podcast is the best place to learn and improve the language, and I will recommend your podcast for everyone who wants to develop his language, I’m listening to you from Iraq.

  4. Thank you Michael I learned new expressions and I excited to use them in the right way🤣
    I liked all of your jokes, but the Plethora and Rough are the funniest🤣
    We’re eagerly waiting your episode 203❤️

  5. I burst out laughing at the wine joke it was really good 😆
    And thank you Michael for this funny and useful episode and I’m looking forward for part 2 🙌!

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