Level Up English Podcast 206 Zombie Outbreak Inversion

Zombie Inversion

In this episode, I talk about my advice on surviving a zombie outbreak based on my extensive experience watching zombie TV series and playing video games. It’s a bit of fun, but we also include some pretty advanced grammar.

While talking, I use the inverted versions of the first, second and third conditionals.

Check out Episode 65 for an introduction to conditionals. 

Keep reading below the video for extra help with this tricky grammar.

Conditional Inversion

In an inverted sentence, instead of using “IF”, we change the order of the verb and the subject. It’s usually for formal situations in both writing and speaking.

First Conditional

Should + subject + infinitive verb

If I see you, I will be happy → Should I see you, I will be happy.

Should you find yourself in this situation, you’ll be wise to run away.

Second Conditional

Were + subject

If I ever visited America… → Were I to ever go to America, I would visit New York.

Were you to hone your skills, you’d have a better chance of surviving.

Third Conditional

Had + subject + Past participle

If I had known that, I would not have come → Had I known that, I would not have come.

Had I known the virus was airborne, I would have bought a gas mask.

Write your own sentences to practice this grammar!

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