Level Up English Podcast Episode 209 Practising Self Love

Self Love

In this episode, we talk about practising self-love, self-acceptance, confidence and more. We relate this to language learning and having the best attitude to succeed in life.

I think this can be a useful thing to talk about no matter who you are, and as always, we’ll be learning some useful phrases you can use in daily life too.

How to be Kind to Yourself

(in language learning)​

1. Set goals, but don't expect too much

It’s great to have goals! But don’t put your expectations impossibly high. Enjoy the process of working towards your goals without beating yourself up when you don’t reach them as fast as you’d like.

2. Treat yourself like a friend

Good advice for any time – talk to yourself in your head as if talking to a friend. Be kind to yourself.

3. Focus on wins

Rather than thinking “Why can’t I speak naturally yet?”, try to focus on the successes you have already made. This will motivate you to make even more progress!

4. Small progress is still progress

It doesn’t matter if you’re not improving to the same level as someone else, or how much you want to in your mind, progress is good in any form! Focus on that.

5. Set time-based goals

Rather than setting a goal based on achievement, focus more on time. So instead of saying “I will finish X goal by the end of today”, try saying “I will work on X goal for 1 hour today”. This way, you can avoid finishing the day and feeling bad about your work, even if you actually did a lot!

What more could you do to practise self-love?

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  1. thank you so much about your lessons .I have just discovered these podcasts … By the way I was looking for British accent .I was mixed up till i found yours . you have so clear accent . Your student is from Yemen ..

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