Cornish - Language of Britain

The Cornish Language

In this podcast, I talk about local British culture. More specifically, the Cornish language and its history. There are many accents in England, many of them seem like their own language. But did you know there is more than just English?

Today in the UK, everywhere you go you will be able to speak English, but many people might also speak their regional language. 


English is a germanic language, originally coming from Europe. Other examples of germanic languages include Dutch, German and Swedish.

Cornish is a celtic language. The Celtic regions are Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Cornwall and Brittany, France.

Cornish Coast
Cornwall's famous coastline
Celtic Nations
The Celtic Nations (Cornwall is yellow)

Cornish Phrases

Here are some examples of Cornish phrases. The purpose is not to learn them, but to see how different the language is from English.

  • Good morning = Myttin Da

  • Goodbye = Duw genes

  • Where is the bathroom? = Ple’ma an bisva?

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6 thoughts on “#21 The Languages of Britain (Cornish)”

  1. Thank you Teacher Michael for useful and amazing podcast. It is really new to me Cornish phrase wish to learn how to speak many english accents. Have a beautiful times

  2. I don’t know the cornish accent , but I think is very difficult and interesting hahaha. I hope you make a podcats about series 🙁 Cheers!!!

    1. I’m glad I could share something about my culture with you! Actually I recorded an episode about series this morning and it will be posted next week! Thanks for the suggestions and sorry it took a while 🙂

  3. Hi Michael! I’ve recently discovered your podcast and I find it really nice: interesting and useful topics and the right length. You might find this last comment a bit weird but for me about 20′ is the perfect amount of time of a podcast.
    Then, since I am so fond of British culture, this particular podcast has been highly appreciated! Please, keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks a bunch, Roberta! That’s very kind of you. Actually I never really plan for 20 minutes, it kind of happens naturally which is quite strange. But that’s good feedback.
      Let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see from me in the future!

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