Level Up English episode 210 Robots taking over ai

Will Robots Take Over?

As time goes on, we’re seeing more and more impressive advancements in AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology. Recently, a chat bot called Chat GPT has become popular and I asked this program to design my episode today. Let’s see how it did!

In this episode, we talk about lots of useful vocabulary related to this topic, some problems that AI will cause, such as automation and loss of jobs, and finally some positive outcomes from automation.


Some useful terms from the episode


Something fake or human-made

“Artificial lakes are made for drinking water.”


Artificial General Intelligence – AI (robots) that can do a wide range of tasks and are very advanced (they don’t exist yet)


a set of rules to be followed by a computer program without much human control


The process of things happening on their own (not in human control)

Autonomous – Adjective (Autonomous vehicles)

Automate – Verb (I automated the process)

Are you scared about the future of AI? Or excited?

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