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Managing Money

In this episode, we’re talking about money! I share lots of very useful words related to finances, making and saving money, as well as some useful ways of describing people’s attitudes towards money.

How do you feel about your financial situation? I’m sure for most of us, it’s not an easy relationship!


Some useful terms from the episode

Budget – a plan of the money you will spend in the future

Income – the money you get from your job

Expenses – the money you spend

Savings – money you keep in the bank

Invest – to put money into the stock market and companies

Interest – extra money you get back from having investments or savings

Credit – paying too much money (your account is in credit)

Debt – having negative money, owing someone money (I am in debt)

Mortgage – regular payments to pay the bank for a house

Loan – money you borrow

Make ends meet – to get enough money to live

Live paycheck to paycheck – to live with no extra savings and totally depend on your monthly income

To live within your means – to spend less than you earn

Penny pincher – someone who saves every penny, frugal

Big spender – someone who spends a lot of money

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