Level Up English Podcast 213 How long until I'm fluent

When Will I Be Fluent?

Today I’m answer a question I hear all the time – How long until I get fluent in English? How many months or years until I can be done? I answer this question in detail today by responding directly and also questioning back as to whether this is the best attitude to have in language learning. Don’t miss this one!

Key Lessons

from the episode

There is no “100%” in language learning


It’s not easy to set specific in language learning

Students often reach a level of fluency before they realise it


There are many factors that affect learning speed (focus, your mind, your free time, etc)


If you focus on “when” and “how long”, you will never enjoy the journey.


If you don’t enjoy the process of learning, you will probably learn more slowly.

The process of learning is always much longer than the achievement of having learnt something. Focus on enjoying the longer one, because that is your life.

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