Making Phone Calls

We’ll be talking today about making phone calls in English, including tips on being confident and doing it successfully, as well as some useful expressions that we all use on the phone.

Even if you don’t regularly make calls, I think this will be a useful episode for everyone.

Phone Expressions

  • Can I ask who is calling? – Who is this?
  • Hello, I’m calling to ask / enquire about…
  • I’m sorry I’m having trouble hearing you (bad connection)
  • Would it be possible to…?
  • I’ll get back to you. – I will call you back
  • Sorry, the line is bad. You’re breaking up. – The phone connection is bad
  • Can I call you back? – I will call you again later
  • Michael speaking. How can I help? – This is Michael
  • I’m phoning in regards to… – I’m phone about…
  • I’m phoning on behalf of + name – I’m phoning for another person
  • Please hold – Wait on the phone
  • I’ll put you through now (to the right department) / I’ll transfer you now
  • Please stay on the line – Don’t hang up

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2 thoughts on “#214 How to Make Phone Calls in English”

  1. Micheline Alsabea

    It’s as usual an informative and exciting podcast but I have a doubt about using up almost with all verbs.
    For example, I want to call you up, split the numbers up, your line is breaking up, it doesn’t work if we use the verb only and what the meaning added to the phrase by adding “up”.
    Thanks again, Super teacher.

    1. Hi Micheline. Great question!! This is a huge topic. I spoke about a little bit in this video:

      But I think it really deserves more attention. I’ll plan to make a whole podcast episode about it because it’s so useful.

      If you’re looking for some answers now, this page has some good explanations:“Up”%20can%20change%20the%20meaning,her%20toys%20from%20the%20floor.

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