Level Up English Podcast Episode 215 Animal Idioms for Conversation

Animal Idioms

In this week’s episode, we’re exploring the fun topic of animals, except we’re not learning simple animal words or noises they make. This is more advanced.

We’ll be looking at a few animal idioms, expressions and phrasal verbs that you can use in your daily life. Native speakers use these all the time! Along with each expression, I’ll share a cool fact about the animal, as well as an example from my own life to give some context.

Animal Idioms

  • To chicken out – To decide not to do something because of fear or lack of courage.
  • To smell/be fishy – To seem suspicious or not quite right.
  • To go on a wild goose chase – To pursue a hopeless or fruitless task or goal
  • To have butterflies in your stomach – To feel nervous or excited, often before an important event
  • To pig out – To eat a lot of food, especially in an indulgent or uncontrolled way

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